Author - Francois Debaillon

Construction Update May

The Solar farm is mechanically complete. Demobilisation of contractors is underway. The commissioning of the Solar farm is ongoing. North side mechanically complete South side mechanically complete

Construction Update April

The substation was successfully energised. The mechanical installation of trackers and modules is now complete. Most of the mechanical contractors on site have now demobilised. The online commissioning of Power Conversion Units is ongoing. Substation Works Progress Mechanical works progress

Construction Update February

Construction on site advanced well during the month of February. The mechanical installation of piles is nearly complete. The mechanical and electrical installation of tracker and module equipment is on target for completion by the end of March. The installation and delivery of final Power Conversion Units will continue over the weeks to follow. Delivery of equipment has ramped down and will be finalised in the coming weeks. Switchroom Installation Power Conversion Unit installation

Construction Update January

Construction on site continues to advance well, installation of panels is now complete in the North half of the site and resources continue to ramp up to progress according to schedule. Delivery of all piles, tracker equipment and modules is now complete. Installation and delivery of Power Conversion Units has commenced and will continue over the weeks to follow. High Voltage (HV) transformer foundation works and substation trenching is now complete. HV transformers have been delivered to site, set in place and [...]

Construction Update November

Construction has commenced and deliveries have been arriving to the Numurkah Solar Farm site. The construction of the solar farm is well underway with the internal roads  and extended construction compounds reaching completion. As of November 2018 the installation of solar panels has commenced and significant ramp-up of resources is expected throughout the coming months to continue the progress in accordance with the project program.